BTC I7 Series

New Generation i7 Series Sublimation Inks

Our company, which has been known in the sector for many years for its best in class training and software support service, offers an innovative and multi-purpose solution for Sublimation printers / producers. The New Generation i7 Series of Sublimation inks dispose of the most vibrant, brightest and widest color gamut in the sublimation market and enable the most cost-efficient usage.


A wide range of application areas

i7 Series is suitable for Sports & Active casual wear,  Bags & Shoes, Flags & Flags, Fashion and Beachwear, Home Textile. With the special pigment formula, it reduces the stress on the print heads. With i7 Series you offer your clients the widest color gamut at the same time you get the brightest and most vibrant colors in your production. This series is the most suitable product for direct printing.


The New Generation i7 Series is formulated for Epson DX and Kyocera print heads. The product will soon be adapted to additional print heads and its properties continuously expanded.

i7 Series Sublimation inks ensure maximum color density at lowest consumption values. Thanks to its concentration it allows you printing on uncoated papers and thus reducing your production costs without sacrificing the print quality. The product is very fast drying on all types of paper and performs uniquely in all kinds of production conditions.


Usage and Technology

The i7 Series is suitable for Epson (Piezo) including DX4, DX5 or Kyocera print heads for direct

printing onto Polyester fabrics or onto transfer / sublimation papers (making it possible to apply all kinds of polyester fabrics by a sublimation method).



Heat Press or Calendar at 200°C – 210°C for 30 seconds.


Shelf life and Storage Conditions

The inks should be stored in a clean environment at a temperature of 10°- 30°C avoiding any direct sunlight and heat sources. If stored under these recommended conditions the inks have a shelf life of 12 months.