ErgoSoft AG is a leading developer of software solutions for over 25 years in the high-end digital printing community. The company’s mission is to provide intuitive, high fidelity digital printing solutions to the demanding imaging professional.

ErgoSoft RIP brings highest productivity, quality control and a broad variety of color, production controlling and automation tools to your printing facility.

Based in Switzerland, ErgoSoft runs five subsidiaries in the United States, China, the Netherlands, Portugal and France. The ErgoSoft RIP is distributed and supported all over the world thanks to a great network of authorized ErgoSoft partners.

ErgoSoft offers individual software solutions for high-quality digital printing in a wide array of digital printing applications, such as;

  • digital graphics
  • photography
  • fine art
  • textiles
  • ceramics
  • glass
  • high-pressure laminate
  • wallpaper
  • tube and cup printing
  • label printing
  • security applications


Innovative Solutions for Production Efficiency and Color Control

  • Production Efficiency
    • Powerful Controls
    • Nesting & Tiling
    • XML Automation
    • Job Layout Automation
    • Gapless Repeat Print
    • Hot Folder
  • Color Control
    • White Ink & Spot Channels
    • Multicolor Profiling
    • Swatch books
    • Custom Tonal Editing
    • Precise Color Matching
    • Spot Color Replacement
  • Available Options
    • TrueShape Nesting
    • Step & Repeat
    • Color Combine

Textile & Décor

ErgoSoft’s feature-rich platform has your bottom line in mind. Our goal is to help you create, print, and produce your goods more efficiently. In the ever-changing world of textile & decor, it is essential to have a reliable and flexible tool to help you react and adjust to shifts in market demand. Our combination of application-specific options and world-class color management ensures you’ll have the freedom to create and the power to deliver.

Garments & Apparel

Our innovative portfolio of award winning color management features, smart pre & post-production options, and automation tools make the ErgoSoft RIP uniquely well- suited for all digitally printed garment & apparel applications. The intuitive platform yields streamlined work flows with superior print quality and increased efficiency.