Double sided textile one shape printing technology combines traditional and digital technology together in One.

SDouble technology combines traditional with digital textile printing crafts to create World Unique Double-Sided One Shape Printing Technology. The technology can print textile double sides at one time to make textile no color difference between the front and back, accurate alignment, printing dark color and spot color perfect. The technology can meet “One Time” double-sided textile printing needs of silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, and lending fabric.etc and make “same pattern same color, same pattern different color, a different pattern different color” art come true.

To comparison with traditional textile printing way, Digital printing color shows obviously defective workmanship.

Obviously color difference between front and back of media and some technical defect is easy to happen when sewing;Textile has stripe spots, spot and bigger color pattern is not homogeneity. For solving the problem, double sided textile printing is the best solution.

Technical Specifications

Frame: 2 printing carriages frame to print double sides one time.

Synchronous print: Synchronous data transfer control can assure 2 printing carriages print.

Automatic alignment: Constantly collecting textile images, automatic modify alignment errors.

Tension take up &feed: Its structure and main roller synchronous moving to keep constant tension.

Tension data: Different fabric can set and save different data sheet.

Belt cleaning: Automatic print linkage with belt cleaning device up &down.

Print head maintain: Whole sealing moisturization, ink purging, head shave device to keep print head stable.

Height adjustment: Automatic printing carriage height adjustment.

Control system: Industry level PLC control system to keep steady.

Ink supply: Negative pressure ink supply system ,wriggle pump can reduce the bubble, abnormal ink supply protection system.

Textile media: permeable suitable thickness media and heavy impermeable media.

Air: same pattern same color, same pattern different color, different pattern and different color.

Alignment data: Non recognition information image, manually input alignment data.

Frill check: sensor will check the fabric on belt, print will stop for alarm when frill happens.

Print note: automatic note all print job.

Ink cost statistics: Automatic calculate ink use level and the print cost.

Technical Parameters

FrameUpper Flatbed+down belt (include camera)
Printing Width1800mm
P.H.No.MAX 8 HeadsMAX 16 Heads



2PASS(605×600)   90/ h2PASS(605×1200)  90/ h
3PASS(605×900)   60/ h3PASS(605×1800)  60/ h
4PASS(605×1200)  45/ h4PASS(605×2400)  45/ h
6PASS(605×1800)  30/ h6PASS(605×3600)  30/ h
8PASS(605×2400)  23/ h8PASS(605×4800)  23/ h
Media Length100m
Media Thickness10mm
Textile TypeSilk,cashmere,wool,cotton,chemical fiber,blended fabric etc.
Ink TypeRactive dye ink, Diperse dye ink, Acid dye ink, Pigment ink
RIP SoftwareCaldera Textile or Neostampa optional
Work EnvironmentHumidity20-28,temperature50-70%
Power380V50/60HZ,(Printer 6.5KW, Drying 8KW

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