Atlsync permits to calibrate every digital printer (paper or fabric) in a totally independent way from the Rip or the Driver in use. The calculating engine is based on his own colorimetric maths and works on the user profile, correcting and aligning the result of every machine and every base.

The software permits to simulate the image and to elaborate a soft proofing on paper; in the same way, it allows to define a standard printer in order to align the other printers at that standard one.

ATLsync guarantees the reproduction and the repetitiveness of the Pantone archive. This module manages and generates the color range transmitting the spectrophotometer’s lecture. This range can be printed or exported in Aco format for Photoshop with the correct recipe (RGB and/or Lab) for every machine. Only a module can handle different machines and calibrations.

Moreover, the software permits to share information, in a simple and immediate way, with other modules for different application areas: from the input creation for the generation of colorways to the production. All the calibration process is opened and intuitive. Thanks to the five-minutes procedure, this quick calibration allows managing all the variables, like different textiles, the head change or a new machine. This software grants the company maxim autonomy in his farther realization.

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